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Hi folks!

Todays blog is going about London!! I have been there a week ago for the 4th time in my life I really love this city and I have been there 6 days. So I will share with you what my favourite thing where in London. And share with you 1 day at the time what I did over there.

Day 1.

We first went to our hotel in Canary Wharf. With this beautiful view from the highest floor. If you look really good at the picture down below you can see the Tower Bridge and the Londen Eye.

When we where done with unpacking our stuff we went in to the neighbourhood to see where we could eat. And we also took some pictures around the neighbourhood. I always really like to take pictures of doors. Just like this one below.

After we have walked around the neighbourhood we went to a sushi restaurant. It's called Sticks 'n sushi and we totally loved it there really nice service and lovely food. If you ever going to be in London you should certainly go there!

I hope you liked my first day in London.

Lots of love,


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